Walmart To Combat Quiet Quitting With Quiet Firings

Quiet Firing

Retailers are struggling with the rise in quiet quitting. Quiet quitting is a phenomenon that sees employees doing the bare minimum required to keep their jobs. Companies such as Ford are starting to implement new policies to try and stop the epidemic of quiet quitting. Walmart has recently decided to join the list of companies that are working to combat quiet quitting.

Walmart first introduced worker incentives that were considered marginally more than what was required by law in an attempt to get workers to do marginally more than what was required to stay employed. The approach saw the return of Pizza Fridays and even an extra three-minute break per shift. The robust ideas purposed by the corporate did little to nothing to motivate workers. The company felt that the policies were costing the company too much money and decided to go with a different approach, Quiet Firing.

Quiet Firing is Walmart’s new strategy to get rid of employees who are not performing. The announcement of Quiet Firing came today at the annual shareholder meeting. “These employees will be fired without being notified and will continue to work,” said Walmart spokesman, Mr. Smith. “The idea is terminated employees will continue to work and eventually realize they are not getting paid. They will then call HR and find out that they have been fired weeks ago. At that time the HR representative will also inform them that they are trespassing. The former employee will be escorted out by a large security detail and trespassed from the location for life.”

The spokesman outlined that the company feels it is a much more cost-effective way to handle terminations. Once Walmart selects an employee to be terminated, management would have the terminated employee train their replacement. “This process allows the company to send a clear message to quiet quitters. “Spokesman Mr. Smith Said, “If you think you can do what is expected of you and nothing more, you are in the wrong place.”

When asked about labor laws, the company said they were still working out the kinks but were confident they would be able to fully implement the strategy for the beginning of the holiday season. Walmart initially expect to see a high number of quiet firings and hope to see that number decline after employees see the quiet firing policy in full effect.

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