Town Passes Law Making Lying Illegal

Town Lie Detector catching a liar lying.

In a stunning move that has left residents confused and in disbelief, the small town of Seekonk, Massachusettes has passed a law making it illegal to tell lies. The town council claims that the new law will promote transparency and honesty among citizens, but many are questioning how this is possible when the law itself is based on a falsehood.

According to the town’s mayor, Jacob Mendax the law is “a necessary step towards creating a more harmonious and trustworthy community.” However, when pressed for details on how the law would be enforced, Mendax was evasive and contradictory, stating that “enforcement will be based on a case-by-case basis, but there will be no set criteria.”

The law, which took effect yesterday, has already caused a stir among residents. Many are questioning how they will be able to go about their daily lives without being able to tell white lies or exaggerate the truth.

“I don’t know what to do,” said local business owner Brad Rederre. “I can’t very well tell my customers that my products are overpriced and of poor quality. But if I don’t, I’ll be breaking the law.”

Despite the confusion, the town council insists that the law is not only enforceable but also beneficial to the community. However, some say that the law will be impossible to enforce as it’s based on the premise of “truth” which is subjective.

In a related development, town’s council members are also planning to pass a law that would make it mandatory to lie in certain situations to protect people’s privacy and security, which is contradictory to the previous law.

The town of Seekonk is known for its contradictory laws and regulations and this one is no different. As the citizens are still trying to figure out how to navigate this new law, the council is already working on the next one.

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