Text Message Reveal Parties

Text Message Reveal Patry

A new trend of throwing “text message reveal parties” is taking the nation by storm. The parties are meant to reveal the contents of one’s significant other’s text message before they read it. The trend, which involves inviting friends over to guess the contents of your partner’s text message before it’s read, is being criticized by experts for being disrespectful of personal boundaries and for potentially causing emotional distress.

“This trend is not only nonsensical, but it’s also cruel,” said communication expert, Dr. Karen Smith. “Having a group try and guess what someone’s text message is and then reading the message without their consent is a clear violation of privacy and can cause emotional distress.”

The supporters of the trend argue that the parties add excitement to the mundane task of reading text messages and that it is a harmless bit of fun.

“We did a text message reveal party for our friend Jim’s girlfriend and it was so much fun,” said party organizer, Nathan Prescot. “We guessed that the message was from his girlfriend’s mother. We were way off, the message was actually from her side piece. Jim had no idea his girlfriend was seeing someone else, the party was one of the most entertaining nights of my life .”

Despite the widespread criticism, the trend is showing no signs of slowing down as more and more people are throwing text message spoiler parties to add excitement to their text conversations. The story has quickly gone viral and sparked a heated debate about the ethics of invading someone’s privacy and the impact it has on relationships and trust.

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