Survivalist Finds Serenity in Smartphone


One of the world’s most renowned survivalists, Jason Thatcher, has decided to put down the survival lifestyle and look for the meaning in life through the screen of a smartphone. Jason has spent the past 12 years becoming one of the most famous survival experts in the world. He is most known for spending a winter on the Great Lakes with only a lawn chair and a fishing-magnet.

Jason’s journey started 12 years ago after the season premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’. Jason felt that if the scenes that unfolded on his TV could happen in a show, they could happen in real life. The father of three felt he needed to reassess life and learn the skills needed to survive a potentially apocalyptic scenario. He spent the next 12 years amassing tens of thousands of dollars worth of survival gear and traveling the country to work with some of the best survival experts.

This past fall, Jason’s wife of 15 years left him for the assistant manager at a local Burger King. It was at this point Jason felt he had missed something. He realized that in all the time he was preparing for a maybe one-day disaster, he had stopped living. Jason knew that surviving wasn’t worth it if he was dead inside.

The ex-survivalist immediately sold off his gear, got a job at a local Home Depot, and started to date again. He has vowed to never again take part in the lifestyle. Jason now spends the majority of his time on social media and eating microwave-friendly foods. He feels a sense of serenity even though his new lifestyle has taken a toll on his physical health.

Jason has since become an advocate for the idea that people should focus on living life to its fullest – today. Thatcher believes that no matter what comes, it’s more important to enjoy life and make the most of every moment.

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