Supreme Court rules that guns are a form of religious expression

guns and bibles

In a stunning 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that owning and carrying firearms is a form of religious expression protected by the First Amendment. The majority opinion, written by Justice Amy Coney Barrett, argued that guns are “sacred symbols of freedom and self-defense” that express one’s “deeply held beliefs” about the role of government and individual rights.

The case, Smith v. Biden, involved a challenge to President Biden’s executive order banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. The plaintiff, John Smith, a devout Christian and gun enthusiast from Texas, claimed that the order violated his right to free exercise of religion. He argued that his AR-15 rifle was not only a tool for hunting and protection, but also a way of honoring God and resisting tyranny.

The majority agreed with Smith, finding that his gun ownership was “sincerely motivated by religious convictions” and that the government had no compelling interest in restricting it. The opinion cited several biblical passages that support the use of weapons for self-defense and warfare, as well as historical examples of American patriots who fought for independence with guns.

The dissenting opinion, written by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, blasted the majority for “elevating an idolatrous fetish over human lives and public safety”. She accused them of “ignoring decades of precedent” and “inventing a new right out of thin air”. She also warned that the ruling would open the door to more violence and extremism in the name of religion.

The ruling has sparked outrage among gun control advocates and praise among gun rights supporters. President Biden called it “a travesty of justice” and vowed to challenge it in Congress. Meanwhile, Smith celebrated his victory by firing his AR-15 into the air outside the Supreme Court building.

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