Study Finds Border Security More Effective at Keeping Undocumented Workers Inside US

Undocumented Immigrant Being Arrested

The looming threat of a recession has prompted many undocumented immigrants to consider returning to their countries of origin. Undocumented immigrants have started trying to cross the border back home, but the increase in security at the border has been an obstacle for those wanting to leave. Border securty’s effectiveness has been at the forefront of the debate over the past several years. Recent studies have shown that border security is more effective at keeping undocumented immigrants from leaving the country than it is at keeping them from entering.

The recent update to the country’s immigration policy which collects all undocumented immigrants and delivers them to West Virginia, has created a series of challenges for those wanting to return home. When undocumented immigrants get to the border on their way home, they are rounded up, put on buses, and sent to West Virigina. For some it is an endless loop of making it to the border, getting caught by border patrol, and then shipped to West Virginia just to start over again. Sources claim that many of the smugglers who helped the undocumented get into the country are refusing to help workers return home as they too are being sent to West Virginia.

The new law has created a situation where undocumented immigrants are afraid to leave the country. The fear, along with border security that is very effective at catching people trying to leave the country, has prompted many undocumented immigrants to stay put. The fear of making it all the way to the border just to be sent to West Virginia is reason for the undocumented to remain hidden inside the country.

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