Striking Back: Friend-Zoned Man Sues

Frank Hendenberg

Frank Lindenberg, a man from Georgia, is suing Jane Landry for leading him to spend his entire life savings on trying to escape the friend zone. He alleges that Jane did not sufficiently communicate her lack of romantic interest, which resulted in Frank continuously spending money in an effort to win her over.

Frank was the founder of FetchMe, a software company whose app allowed lonely individuals to rent a dog for companionship. At the age of 35, he sold the company for $40 million and set out to find a partner to start a family with. He met Jane at an art gallery in upstate New York and was drawn to her beauty, intelligence, and charm. He purchased a $50,000 painting of her private parts and the two hit it off.

Despite Jane’s relationship status, Frank continued to pursue her with expensive gifts, trips, and gestures of affection. He even took her and her boyfriend on an extravagant winter retreat to the Swiss Alps, which ended with her getting engaged to her boyfriend. Despite these efforts, Jane consistently maintained that she was not interested in a romantic relationship and repeatedly spoke of her boyfriend.

Frank is now broke and living in a box behind a defunct Babies R Us store. He still holds feelings for Jane, but feels let down by her lack of communication. The trial is scheduled to begin next month and could last for several months.

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