Starbucks Employees Who Identify As Retired Strike!

Identify as retired protest

Young Starbucks employees are often faced with the challenge of finding meaningful work that pays the bills. A growing group of these employees is now identifying as retired. This unique situation is becoming increasingly popular among many Starbucks employees, and it has sparked a movement of young workers looking to strike for retirement benefits. Through their efforts, these young workers are challenging the status quo and advocating for a better future for themselves and others like them.

20-year-old Starbucks Employee Amber Simmons is the face of the movement. It all started last month when Amber requested to take her 15-minute break early and was denied by her manager. Amber said that it was normal procedure to take breaks early, but the manager said that she had to wait. Amber claims it was at this moment she had a spiritual awakening. The 3 months of part-time work she had provided to the company made her realize that she now identified as retired. At that point, Amber put down the Venti expresso she was making and told the manager that she identified as retired and walked off the job. The now-former colleague was denied a pension and terminated from her position for job abandonment. Amber has since put every waking hour into advocating for benefits for self-identified retirees.

Starbucks spokesman Fred Patracka called the movement “silly” “With no feet to stand on”. Employees think Starbucks is out of touch with the times and decided to show the corporation how silly looks. On Friday 12/15/22, thousands of Starbucks who identified as retired are set to strike. This would be the largest strike in the company’s history.

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