Seekonk To End Recycling Program


Seekonk is proposing to end it’s recycling program. Over the past 10 years Seekonk has spent millions of dollars on its recycling program and residents just aren’t that happy with the service anymore. Local resident Shirley Verichone said “It just takes up too much of my time and effort, so I stopped recycling about 5 years ago”. Residents believe that recycling requires too much time and effort and really don’t feel like they benefit from the program. Some residents feel like the money the town should be making money off recycling which could be used to maintain regular trash pickup.

The mayor of Seekonk said “We are looking into other programs that would be better for our residents to help us achieve our goal of ending the town recycling program.” The mayor also said “we really need to think about how we can make this program more efficient and less time consuming”. The plan comes with environmental costs which could see an increase landfill waste by 75% by 2027. Some residents feel its a the price they’re willing to pay for the amount of time they will be saving on not recycling.

The town will be holding a series of public meetings this summer to discuss their options. In the meantime, they will continue to collect recyclables along with trash.

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