Seekonk Residents Hunker Down as Basement Cricket Season Approaches


As we approach the colder months, crickets are heading into basements. Crickets in the basement can not only cause headaches for homeowners, they can also be downright toxic. Here are 3 tried and true methods or riding crickets from your basement.

1. Use a commercial insecticide. Most insecticides work just as well in your basement as they do on your lawn. Just be sure to apply them according to the directions on the packaging, and take care to avoid breathing any fumes that may be released into the air when applying the insecticide.

2. Create a barrier around your basement by creating a wall of cinder blocks around it, with an opening large enough for you to get in and out of easily. This will keep crickets from entering through cracks in your foundation or other places where they might come in from outside. You can also lay down a thick layer of gravel over these cracks, which is usually sufficient to keep crickets from coming in from underneath.

3. If you have cracks and openings that are too large for either of these methods, you can create an effective barrier by wrapping window screen material or similar material around them, so that no insects can get through them at all.

If you’re not sure which method is best for your situation, remember to call a professional exterminator. They can help you figure out which method will work best for your particular situation.

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