Seekonk Police Introduce Blind K-9 Police Dog

Seekonks blind police dog

A Seekonk police officer will have a new partner when he hits the streets. The department recently introduced a blind K-9 Police Dog Ingo, an 18-month old German Shepherd who is completely blind. Ingo was born with a genetic defect that left him unable to see. But that didn’t stop his aspirations of becoming a working dog. Ingo has been training in Germany for the past year and will now be living here in Seekonk as the town’s official blind K-9 police dog. The handler is not able to see either, so they will work in tandem with one another while they go on patrol. Once Ingo becomes accustomed to the area and its surroundings, he will begin assisting officers by sniffing out drugs and tracking suspects who may have run away after committing a crime.

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Joe grenier

This seems dangerous and unnecessary. I understand people with disabilities need to work but this just seems like a PR stunt gone really wrong.

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