Seekonk Gets A New Mascot

Seekonk Pacifist Mascot

Residence of Seekonk, Mass will be getting a new school mascot which will usher in a new name and idenity to reflect the current societal changes. The mascot will be dropping the outdated, masculine name Seekonk Warrior and will now be known as the Seekonk Pacifist. “The change was made to reflect the current political climate” said Athletic Director of Seekonk, Mass. “We had to make a change in order to be more inclusive.”

The old mascot name and identity did not represent our town as a whole and was not friendly to everyone. We have many students who do not support war and violence in any form, so it was only appropriate that our mascot should represent that fact as well.

The new mascot will be wearing an old blue sweatshirt t-shirt that says “Seekonk”, blue sweatpants, and a brown teddy bear head with a pacifist symbol as the face. There is some concern that there are no holes for the mascot to breathe or see, but some residents are saying it’s necessary in order to get the pacifist message along to kids. The old costume was not only outdated but it didn’t represent our school as a whole. We were not inclusive of all students, and we did not send the right message to everyone.

The new mascot will be in attendance at all sporting events, homecoming, and other school functions to help cheer on our athletic teams and to promote a peaceful environment for all students. The mascot is also excited to work with the local middle school as a “Peace Ambassador” in order to spread peace throughout the community and teach younger kids about the benefits of making peace instead of war.

The Seekonk Pacifist will also be carrying an pacifist flag instead of holding an axe or sword, which were used by previous mascot. The change in name is a way to encourage and promote equality for all students. The new mascot was debuted over the summer at the Seekonk Speedway and will be cheering for the first time fat the Thanksgiving football game on November 24th.

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