RMV’s New Payment Method Has Some Up In Arms

RMV Payment Methods Sign

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will be testing a new payment method. The new payment method is aimed to help low-income families pay for the astronomical fees set by the RMV. The new payment method will allow Massachusetts residents to pay with plasma.

The Massachusetts RMV hopes that this new payment method will give low-income families a chance to get their licenses without going into debt. With this new payment method, drivers can avoid accumulating huge amounts of interest on their unpaid tickets or fees for driving without insurance or registration.

The new payment method will only be offered to low-income families that have outstanding fees or tickets and cannot afford to pay. The Massachusetts RMV will be testing the new payment method in the Attleboro RMV.

“We are hoping that this program will help reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road. If a family can avoid going into debt because of their license, they will be able to pay for insurance without going in the red. This benefits everyone on the road,” said Massachusetts RMV Commissioner David P. Sargent.

Currently, there are not any plans for this program to be expanded beyond the Bay State. However, if successful, it could spread throughout the United States and help many struggling Americans pay for their driving needs without having to go into debt.

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