Proposal to Raise Working Age to 21

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The mid-term elections are tomorrow and candidates are gearing up for a last-minute fight. Reitchus Moran (D) of Attleboro Mass is taking a radical new stance on child labor laws. Moran’s proposal will raise the legal age required to work from 14 to 21. The initiative is a bold move for the democratic party and will probably end up costing him the election. The public has been outraged by Moran’s proposal. Former Governor Greg Dukakis commenting, “I don’t understand what he (Moran) is thinking. I mean, how are these kids ever going to learn about work ethic?”

Reitchus Moran had this to say: “I believe that children need to be protected from themselves and their parents. If we want our kids to grow up happy and healthy, we need to make sure they don’t participate in the labor force.” When asked about his own child working in the fields at 8 years old he replied, “That is completely different. He was m…..well you know he is smart. He knows better! I’ve paid my son to do nothing!”

The Democratic party has embraced the new proposal and has coined the phrase “21 to Work” which is being implemented in email signatures across the country. “This is real. Elections need real issues.” said the communications director for the state party, Jenny Kroyer. “Moran has brought forth an issue true to many Americans’ hearts, ensuring our children are always satisfied and never have to worry about struggle or discontent.”

The debate over child labor laws has raged in the United States for decades. Supporters of child labor have long argued that children should be allowed to work at a young age to learn about the value of money and hard work. Opponents of child labor claim that children are not mentally equipped to make decisions on their own. That they should not be forced into such dangerous work environments as factories, mines and farms. Neither side has suggested not allowing children to work until they are 21 years old until now.

Moran’s critics questioned his motives and many believe that he is just trying to get the youth vote. As of today, Moran’s polling numbers are in the single digits. He has only brought in about $500 dollars from his campaign fund and has received no donations from his party. Moran’s opponent John Hancock (R) has raised over $2 million dollars and has received the full support of both parties. Moran is not ready to give up yet though, he commented that he plans on riding out the storm until Election Day and hopes that voters will come out tomorrow and vote for him and his ideas.


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