President Zelenskyy’s Brother Spotted in Massachusetts

Brother of President Zelensky, Rostyslav Shevchenko

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s Illegitimate Brother was Spotted in Massachusetts. Rostyslav Shevchenko, was spotted at La Salette Shrine in Attleboro Massachusetts. Rumors swirled in June of 2022 that Shevchenko was killed by the Russians after he refused to work for them as a double agent. 

Shevchenko, a goat herder by trade, had a falling out with Zelenskyy in 2014. Zelenskyy disowned his brother after Shevchenko accidentally had an affair with Zelenskyy’s ex-wife, Natalia Nazarchu. Shevchenko claims that Natalia drugged him and he tripped and fell inside Natalia. Rostyslav maintains that he was the victim.

When interviewed by The Seekonk Reporter, Shevchenko said he was at La Salette to light prayer candles and hold a mass in support of his brother. Shevchenko said he prays every day that his brother defeat the Russians. Shevchenko then wants to defeat Zelenskyy, and be the man who defeated the man who defeated the Russians. 

The Ukrainian President’s brother said he entered the country illegally through Canada. He feared being detained at the airport for previous threats made against Zelenskyy. Shevchenko said he had been living in the woods behind La Salette for the last two months. He said he had been living off of a diet of potatoes and was recently discovered by a local farmer, who has provided him with food and shelter. When asked about returning to Ukraine Shevchenko said he would return once the war was over.

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