President Biden Has Wandered Off

Biden lost

As of 10:45 am Est, it is being reported that President Biden has wandered off. The President was in a meeting with staff at around 6 pm when he suddenly interrupted the meeting to use the restroom. Aides say the president abruptly exited the room and never returned.

Several Witnesses saw the president after leaving the meeting. Several of them said they saw him sneaking around the halls of the White House. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnel said he saw Biden tiptoeing towards the front door. He claims the President stopped and gave a ‘got your nose’, and then ran away. McConnel said it was reminiscent of his mother trying to escape the Alzheimers wing at the hospital.

Secret Service Agents in charge of protecting him are not sure how he was able to elude them. It is reported at this time they are trying to back track to see what went wrong. Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, said her husband had left a crayon drawing of a dinosaur and a smiling sun face on her bedroom pillow. Authorities are trying to decode this cryptic message but Jill believes it’s really just a dinosaur and a happy Sun.

**Update 12 PM EST** Joe Biden was found trying to check himself into a nursing home on the outskirts of DC. Biden was using the fake Identity of Frankie Cecil to try and admit himself to the nursing home. The nurses immediately recognized the President as this was his 5th time trying to get a bed at the establishment. President Biden is on his way back to the White House to have his medication re-valuated.

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