Old Showcase Cinema Site Will Be Used To House The Homeless

Seekonk Showcase Cinema Site

The old Showcase Cinema site in Seekonk, Mass is set to be used for a good cause. The landmark site will be used to house the homeless. The cinema was closed down in 2010 after its lease expired. That’s where plans to house the homeless come in. Plans were revealed last week by a charitable organization that wants to turn it into a home for people who have nowhere else to stay. There are no final details yet, but there has been talk of renting out part of the building as accommodation for 30 or so homeless people at a time; they would come and go as they please, but be able to call it home when not elsewhere.

With the Showcase Cinema building having been abandoned since 2010, the site has been left empty and unused. While there are efforts being made to develop the site into a cultural hub, there are also plans to use it to house the homeless. The Showcase Cinema building is located in a prime spot in Seekonk. It is close to public transportation access, including the bus and train stations. There are also lots of shops and restaurants nearby. The building is large, so there is plenty of room for the homeless to live.

There is no set date for when this project will be completed and ready to house the homeless. – The building will need to be brought up to standard before it can be used as accommodation. However, there are plans to use it as a homeless shelter in the meantime, so there will be plenty of work being done. Talk about having future residents assist in the restoration are currently in the works. but no final details have been made.

There may be concerns that the building is not safe to be used to house people. It will need to be brought up to standard, which may cost a lot of money. There may be concerns that people will leave behind mess, but this can be worked with. There are cleaning companies that specialize in cleaning up after people who have left behind mess. The building is well-known and many people will be excited to see it being used again. However, there will also be people who are nostalgic for the cinema, and may not want to see it being used as accommodation for the homeless.

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