NYC To Leash Children Under 7

Children on Leashes

New York City has announced that it will be implementing a mandatory leash law for any child under the age of 7. This new law is intended to protect children from the dangers of walking. The law will go into effect in December 2022 and will require that any child under the age of 7 be accompanied by an adult who is holding a leash attached to the child at all times.

This new law is a part of a city-wide initiative to make New York City to protect children from the dangers of every day life. Not having your child leashed will result in major fines. The propsal for a first offense is a $500 fine, and a second offense could cost you up to $1,000. A third offense will result in the forfeiture of being able to take your child out in public and a $5,000 fine.

Critics of the law say that it is an over-reaction to a small problem. According to the New York Times, there are an average of 75 pedestrian fatalities per year in New York City. The majority of these fatalities are caused by drivers who were speeding or intoxicated. Sophia Jones of the Bronx said, “I don’t think it’s necessary. Our children should not grow up having to be leashed.”

Supporters of the law say that it is a common sense approach to protecting children from danger on the streets. Many parents support the law and are happy to have a tool that will help keep their children safe. Tanya Wilson of Brooklyn said, “I think it makes sense. Children are like small dogs, so why not have them on a leash?”

According to Mayor Bloomberg, there are no plans to change or repeal this new law in the future. He said that “If we can save even one child by putting them on a leash, then we have won.”

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Why stop at 7 years old?? Yes, smaller children are slippery & can get lost in a second…
But it’s the teenagers we really need to leash. With raging hormones, questionable decision-making skills and no attention span, it’s necessary to save them… from themselves 😂👍

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