New York’s Plan to Combat School’s Low Test Scores

Empty Classroom

With testing scores dropping in public schools across the nation, one state has decided to try a different approach. The State of New York is ending public schools. On Jan 1, 2023, all New York Public Schools will close indefinitely. Gov. Kath Hochul said, “Without any schools, we will not have an issue with testing scores.” The Governor is being supported by the teachers’ union and many parents who are tired of hearing about how poor their children are doing in school.

Critics of the plan say that without schools, students will have no place to go during the day and will just hang out on the streets. Gov. Hochul said that she has the plan to deal with that problem as well. On Jan 1, 2023, she will offer a stipend to anyone over the age of 18 to watch and mentor the children during the day. The Governor said that she has already received a lot of applications from current inmates who want to be released from prison to fill these positions.

The Governor said that most children won’t notice the difference since schools don’t get the funding they need anyway. She said, “We are not saying that we are against schools and learning, but there are other ways to get a good education than sitting in a classroom all day.” She went on to say that some of the best teachers she had were people on the streets.

Critics say this plan will result in complete chaos. They say that there is no way it can work, children will end up living like animals without any rules or structure in their lives. But Gov. Hochul disagrees, “That was true in the past, but times have changed.” She pointed out that many children today have online influencers as role models. She touted that those influencers behavior is worse than anything they would encounter on the streets.

The plan is expected to save the state a lot of money because it will no longer have to pay for schools, teachers, and other school staff. The Governor said that there are many benefits to this plan, including lower taxes and more people for jobs who were formerly teachers. She said that when you think about it, there is no reason why children should go to school at all.

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