New Dangerous Trend Among Seniors

Double Car Crash

A report from the National Highway Institute revealed that groups of senior citizens are traveling in V formations on highways much like Canadian Geese. The seniors are leaving colder temperatures up north in search of warmer climates in the south. The Seniors feel like traveling in a flock is safer because seniors generally have poor vision and have a higher chance of getting lost.

The seniors typically travel in groups of 4-6 cars. The head of the flock is generally called the flock elder and may not be the oldest, but is prescribed the least amount of narcotics and has the best vision. The rest of the flock follows behind and relies on the flock elder to lead them to warmer climates.

In early November, a flock heading to Naples, Florida took a tragic turn. The Flock was taking a detour to a local drug store when the flock elder, followed by the rest of the flock, accidentally crashed through the front window of Brooks Pharmacy. There were no serious injuries but the building sustained significant damage.

These senior citizens are causing major concerns for drivers on the highway. Witnesses to the flocks have said that the groups usually appear out of nowhere and are speeding like a bullet.

The following are some helpful hints to keep in mind when driving around senior flock formations.

• Pull over and let them pass. Senior flock drivers will often get agitated if you don’t let them pass.

• Avoid any eye contact with the other drivers.

• Make sure you have your blinker on before changing lanes.

• If you’re in a large city, exit the highway and take an alternate route.

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