Marco Rubio vs. TikTok

Marco Rubio

Did you know a Senator is Calling for the Banning of TikTok? Senator Marco Rubio’s latest attempt to stay relevant in the digital age has backfired, as the Florida politician has called for the banning of the popular social media platform TikTok in the United States. The move comes after Rubio’s repeated attempts to go viral on the app were met with resounding failure.

Despite numerous attempts to post dance videos, and lip-syncing clips Rubio’s TikTok page has failed to gain any traction. “I’m tired of being left out of the TikTok party,” said the Senator in a press conference. “It’s time for this platform to be shut down for good. We can no longer allow the American people to be exposed to the toxic content on TikTok.” The announcement has been met with a mix of confusion and amusement from the public.

Many are speculating that the Senator’s latest move is nothing more than a desperate attempt to stay relevant in the age of social media. “It’s clear that Senator Rubio is upset that he can’t get any engagement on TikTok,” said one social media expert. “I think his call to ban the app is just a knee-jerk reaction to his own inability to go viral.” Whether or not Rubio’s call to action will be successful remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: the Senator is determined to make sure that he is not the one left behind in the age of TikTok.

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