Family Assaulted For Handing Out Needles on Halloween.

Halloween Crime Scene

A Seekonk, Massachusetts couple was assaulted for handing out needles instead of candy this Halloween. Joan and Peter Resnick decided they wanted to bring attention to the diabetes epidemic by handing out needles to children. They felt that the needles would be a great conversation starter and would discourage children from overconsuming candy. Their plan was to hand out needles along with an educational pamphlet on diabetes.

The trouble started around 5pm Est, when the Resnicks started passing out the needles. Mr. Resnick recounted the situation, “The first group of trick-o-treaters were accompanied by tatooed, pierced, urban hipsters. The group had 3 kids ranging from ages 5 to 7 years old. The kids took the needles and a pamphlet, then ran back to their families.. When the hipsters saw our pamphlets they immediately came running over. One of the men was yelling so loud, it attracted the attention of other neighbors. Before I knew it, one of the hipsters cracked me over the head with a beer bottle and jabbed me in the knee with one of my needles.” Peter Resnick defended himself by punching the hippest in the leg and in retaliation, a woman from the group started kicking Resnick. After the assault the hipsters entered the Resnick’s home and proceeded to throw items from the home into the front lawn. The police arrived 45 minutes after the assailants left, they are currently searching for suspects.

Peter Resnick was admitted to the hospital and received three staples in his head. He stated, “I feel that we have a lot to gain from this. The hippies have shown us violence is the real problem and diabetes is a close second.” When Mr. Resnick was asked why he thought this happened, he said he believed there was a typo in the pamphlet but later concluded it may have been because they were giving out needles. When asked if he was going to hand out needles again, Mr. Resnick was hesitant. Resnick stated that he “really wanted to teach the kids about the dangers of diabetes, but I feel like I should showcase the dangers of domestic violence on halloween next year.”

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