Facebook Updates Fake News Policy

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Facebook has updated its policy on misinformation to include fact-checking everyday posts. The social media giant is known for labeling misleading posts as False Information. Until now, the process has been reserved for posts regarded as news stories of national interest. With the recent change the ‘False Information’ label will start appearing on any post deemed inaccurate.

Facebook will analyze data collected from your microphone, search history, messages, health wearables, bank account, and more to determine if you had a great time at the park with your family. If the post is found to be False Information, Facebook will provide a comprehensive reason as to why. Facebook said this can include but is not limited to messages to friends about the situation, and audio/video recordings of the event.

Molly Turner of Swansea, Mass. received a false information label when she posted about how her family was sick with covid. She had planned to take time off from work to go on a week-long vacation but her employer would not grant her the time off. Molly told her employer that she and her family had caught covid. She decided to make a Facebook post to reduce suspicion that she went on vacation. Shortly after the post was published, Molly noticed the post had been listed as False Information. When she clicked on the ‘See Why’ button, a window appeared. It said ‘Molly and her family were never sick, Molly is currently vacationing in the White Mountains with her family’. The statement was followed by several video clips of the trip taken from Molly’s camera roll. Molly states that she has since been terminated by her employer.

The news comes as Facebook faces scrutiny for being a platform for misinformation. The company has been under fire for allowing fake stories and hoaxes to spread on the site. Facebook hopes the update will make users feel the same shame Facebook has endured by being more transparent.

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