Dept. of Ed Announces Big Changes

Teaching to grunt

The US Department of Education has announced changes coming to the 2023 middle school curriculum. As of January 1, 2023, any school receiving Federal Aid will need to mandate grunting as a second language. The language will be taught in all middle and high schools, as well as colleges. Students will learn the basics of grunting, as well as how to use it in different situations (ie: to get attention, get food, to answer a question).

The Department of Education has said the following: “We feel that this is a good start to making sure all students are able to communicate to the best of their ability. The Department of Education has not yet released an official list of rules for how grunting is supposed to work, but they have said that there will be minimal changes from Georgia-based English.

Many feel this is a good step towards equality in our country, especially for those who cannot speak English. Grunting has been around for years, and many people already use it in their daily lives at home or at work. It is also believed that grunting can help reduce the amount of violence in our schools which would make school a safer place for everyone.

The new system, which is based on the idea of grunting, will help students develop their grunting skills and improve their communication. Grunting is a universal language that everyone can understand no matter what language they speak. Many experts feel this change in English could be a major step towards solving world peace.

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