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Nostalgic: Nation Yearns for Simpler Time When They Didn’t Yearn for Simpler Times

In a recent poll, an overwhelming majority of Americans expressed a deep longing for a time when they didn't constantly feel nostalgic for the past.

"I miss the days when I could just live in the present without worrying about whether I was appreciating it enough," said local resident Rebecca Williams. "Now it feels like every moment is tinged with the bittersweet knowledge that I'll never be able to experience it again."

Dale Trusdale

Correction: Man Emerges From Y2K Bunker – Dale Trusdale

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Dale Trusdale’s son was 14 years old. After many readers pointed out the impossibility of this given that Trusdale has been in his Y2K bunker for 22 years, The Seekonk Reporter conducted further research and found that the boy is in fact 13 years old. We...

Town Lie Detector catching a liar lying.

Town Passes Law Making Lying Illegal

In a stunning move that has left residents confused and in disbelief, the small town of Seekonk, Massachusettes has passed a law making it illegal to tell lies. The town council claims that the new law will promote transparency and honesty among citizens, but many are questioning how this is possible when the law itself...

Community Tanks

Community Funds Own Oppression

In a stunning display of community spirit and generosity, the citizens of Lewisburg, West Virginia have come together to donate tens of thousands of dollars to their local police department to purchase new armored vehicles.

Frank Hendenberg

Striking Back: Friend-Zoned Man Sues

Frank Lindenberg, a man from Georgia, is suing Jane Landry for leading him to spend his entire life savings on trying to escape the friend zone. He alleges that Jane did not sufficiently communicate her lack of romantic interest, which resulted in Frank continuously spending money in an effort to win her over. Frank was...