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man staring at wall

Staring at Walls – Cure for Boredom

In a stunning development, Tim Robinson from Lewisburg, West Virginia has claimed to have discovered the cure for boredom. According to sources close to the man, he stumbled upon the cure while trying to cure his own boredom one day. He claims that the cure is so simple, it’s been right in front of everyone’s...

Man and Santa

Adults Still Believing In Santa

A new study by the National Psychology Association found that 30% of adults aged 18-25 still believe in Santa Clause. The study also found that this percentage is higher among those who are unmarried and have no children.


Pfizer to End Inner Monologues

Pfizer announced that the company plans on releasing a revolutionary new drug that s to help people struggling with depression. The drug worked by completely stopping all inner monologue,

Doctor Donalds

Over 99 Billion Served: A Doctors Guide

Doctors are no longer spending time worrying about the quality of care of their patient. Instead, they have shifted their focus on the quantity of care that they are delivering. The medical community has taken a page from McDonald's,