Bob The Gardener: Biden’s Advisor

Bob 'The Gardner' Sarducci

One of Joe Biden‘s closest confidants, Bob the Gardener, has been a fixture at the White House since Biden took office. But what most people don’t know is that Bob isn’t just any ordinary gardener – he’s also the President’s political strategist and advisor.

Bob comes from a small town in West Virginia. He states that he has no formal education and doesn’t give much thought to politics. He says that he just listens and offers advice based on what he would do in different gardening scenarios.

Bob Sarducci recently opened up about his experience working with President Biden in an exclusive interview. When asked what it’s like working for one of the world’s most powerful leaders, Bob responded: “The president tells me he uses my advice to make big decisions for the country. It feels great to be able to help!”

The advice Bob gave seems to be responsible for some of the biggest blunders in the Biden Presidency. “Mr. Biden came to me one day and said something about failing troops in Afghanistan,” Sarducci said. “I told him I see the crops failing, I just pull them all out at once. I usually pull out the strongest of the crop and let the bottom feeders take care of the weaker ones. Mr. Biden slapped me on the back and called me a genius.” Official records show that Biden met with his Gardner shortly before making the decision to pull all troops out of Afghanistan starting with the most essential troops.

Being Joe Biden’s personal gardener isn’t all sunshine and roses – there are some drawbacks too. As Bob explained: “I have to make sure that every blade of grass is perfectly trimmed and that all of the flowerbeds look their best for when Mr. President takes his morning strolls around the property.” He went on to say that maintaining such a high level of professionalism can be quite taxing – especially during those long summer days when temperatures soar into triple digits!

Despite these challenges though, Bob says he wouldn’t trade this job for anything else in the world. In fact, he considers it a privilege and honor to serve as Joe Biden’s private gardener. The White House has not officially acknowledged that the President makes policy decisions based on talks with his Gardner, but records show a majority of the decisions made by the Biden Administration were done shortly after meetings with Bob in the garden.

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