Biden’s To Send Undocumented Workers To W. Virginia

Immigration Lines

The Biden administration is proposing a radical new plan to address the county’s immigration crisis. The plan calls for all undocumented immigrants to be transported to the state of West Virginia indefinitely. Undocumented immigrants will then be monitored and have to remain in the state until they gain lawful residence in the US.

When asked why he choose the state of West Virginia, President Biden said “West Virginia has a diversity problem, small population, and they typically do not like outsiders. By moving all undocumented immigrants to West Virginia, we not only solving the immigration problem. We also populate a state, and teach West Virginian’s a good ole fashion lesson in tolerance.”

Biden’s plan is already being praised by immigration rights activists. They say that the plan will be a huge success. They believe that the plan will have a minor impact on West Virginia due to it’s small population. Advocates ultimately just want the debate to end. They want to move on to more pressing issues, such as plastic straws.

When asked to comment on Biden’s plan, West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin said, “I’m not sure what the heck he’s talking about. This is by far the worst Idea I’ve ever heard.” Manchin continued, “We are going to have folks skip the immigration line and go straight to West Virginia.” When asked about this Biden said, “I don’t care if you came into the country illegally, just as long as you’re in West Virginia.”

Citizens are questioning the constitutionality of this proposal. Civil Rights groups have said that the plan is racist and discriminatory towards West Virginians. Groups such as the ACLU have already filed lawsuit against President Biden over this issue. President Biden doesn’t seem to care what those groups think however, he says “I’m going to do whatever I want and no one can stop me”

Biden’s administration has not released any official proposal yet but it is expected to be released sometime in late December or early January.

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