Biden To Relocate 50,000 from Red States

Farmers boarding a bus

In an effort to promote unity, the Biden administration announced it will be relocating 50,000 people from Alabama, Arkansas, and West Virginia to California, New York, and Rhode Island. The program will see residents of the heartland experiencing the ‘Blue State’ culture  for 6 months and then be returned to their home states. The idea is that after 6 months the participants will return home and spread the good word about their experience.

The participants will be selected by lottery. Every resident in participating states over the age of 18 will have to sign up by December 20, 2022. The selection will be made by a computer program. The program will choose the names of 50,000 residents by random. The program will then match each name to a state and that person will move to that state. Anyone ‘Blue Dodging’ and not responding to the call may face lengthy prison sentences and fines.

The newly relocated residents will have to pay for their stay, and will not receive any kind of stipend. They will be given a place to stay and six months of food, but will have to pay for all other expenses. People who are selected to move will travel by bus which will be funded at their own expense.

The program is expected to cost over $2 billion. The federal government will cover some of the costs while the participating states will cover the majority of the costs. The program is expected to allow participating states increase their population and receive additional temporary Federal Aid. The program will also help to spread liberal ideals in more conservative states.

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