Biden To Legalize Marijuana in Kansas

Joe Biden Smoking Marijuana

The Biden administration is creating a pilot program for marijuana legalization. The President has decided to legalize marijuana in Kansas only. Kansas is considered to be the least marijuana-friendly state in the country, and currently does not allow for the sale of marijuana at all. The plan outlines the legalization of recreational marijuana to include the consumption and sale of marijuana. The plan is to tax marijuana at a rate of $5 per gram. The revenue generated will be used to fund the Biden re-election campaign.

The administration will begin a pilot program in Kansas and then expand the legalization in other states. The marijuana industry is projected to bring in $1 billion per year and will be a significant part of the economy. The government estimates that these changes will create over 20,000 jobs, which will help reduce unemployment rates.

The Plan

The Biden administration has partnered with private entities to begin construction on the first marijuana-growing facility in Kansas. The farm is expected to produce enough marijuana for about 500,000 people. This plant should eliminate any need for imports from Mexico or Canada and should help reduce illegal drug trafficking across the country.

The Biden administration is planning to begin marijuana legalization in Kansas in January of 2023. The program will allow anyone over the age of 21 to possess up to 60 grams of marijuana. Consumers will be able to purchase up to 1000 grams a week. In order to discourage abuse, consumers will only be allowed one purchase 142 grams per day.


The plan has drawn sharp criticism from Kansasitonians who have accused the government of using the state to experiment with marijuana legalization. Many residents are also concerned that marijuana legalization will lead to an increase in crime in Kansas. The Biden administration has been quick to point out that it is only planning marijuana legalization, not a full-scale national legalization of drugs yet. The administration also pointed out that there will be strict regulations on who can grow and sell the plant, as well as how it can be sold. The government is also planning to heavily tax marijuana sales, which should help offset any problems with increased crime rates.

The Biden administration has stated that it plans on implementing a similar program in every state by 2029. Kansas will become the first state in the country to legalize marijuana.

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