Biden To Cancel Thanksgiving

empty Thanksgiving table

On Thursday, November 24, 2022, at 1:00 pm EST, Joe Biden will call on families to cancel Thanksgiving dinner. ThePresident of the United States will go live on television and declare that we can no longer afford to celebrate this holiday while carbon emissions continue to rise. In his speech, he will implore all Americans to do their part by looking at their individual lives and thinking about how they can make a difference. He will also call for all Americans to turn on all the lights in their house for an hour starting at 9pm EST in a show of solidarity in the fight against climate change.

Critics of Bidens plan feel that this is another sign that Biden’s agenda is both Anti-American and non-sensical. Many will also point out that Biden’s plan is not practical and will hurt the climate by having Americans turn on all their lights for an hour. They believe that Biden should instead focus on working with world leaders to come up with a realistic solution to combat climate change. They feel that Biden is being too dramatic and should be focusing on solutions that are more practical and realistic.

While some will be inspired by his speech, others will be angered. Some will see the virtue of his call to action, while others will see it as a government intrusion. No matter how people feel about the former Vice President’s speech, however, it is certain that there will be one thing on which everyone can agree: Joe Biden’s decision to call on families to end celebrating Thanksgiving will cause explosive arguments during Thanksgiving dinner.

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