Biden Kicks Off Campaign By Relocating Winter Storm Elliot Snow to Florida

Dump Truck Unloading Snow In Florida

In a move that has been widely considered the first step of his 2024 Presidential campaign, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order to have all snow dumped by Winter Storm Elliot moved to Florida. This comes shortly after rumors surfaced that Governor Ron Desantis will be making a presidential bid in 2024. Many see this order as a way for the President to preemptively sabotage any chance of success Desantis may have.

The logistics involved with such an ambitious move are staggering. It would require millions of man-hours and untold resources just to get all the snow from one region of the country into another. It’s unclear how the federal government would go about executing such an order. Some believe that the National Guard and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) could be enlisted. Whatever the case, it’s clear that this order is a direct challenge to Governor Desantis and his potential presidential ambitions.

The order also raises questions about how much power the President has in taking unilateral action. Critics of the move argue that it is an overreach of executive authority. Supporters point out that the President has done similar things in past national emergencies and other pressing issues. Several members of Congress have already spoken out against it, calling it “reckless” and “a waste of taxpayer money”. Even more critical is the impact moving so much snow could have on Florida’s ecosystem. Experts worry that adding such a large quantity into their environment could create serious long-term problems down the road.

“We are going to do what it takes to make sure the people of this storm know we are with them, even if that means taking all the snow and moving it to Florida,” Biden said in a statement released earlier tonight. “Ron Desantis is supposed to be the guy with all the answers, well answer this one Ronny boy,” Biden said as he signed the executive order.

Despite the criticism, the White House has made clear that it will move forward with the Executive Order. It remains to be seen what other measures Biden will take to ensure his 2024 campaign bid is successful.

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