Biden Admin Proposes relief for Would Be Retirees

Inmate Serving Senior

With rising healthcare costs and soaring inflation, the Biden administration is proposing a new program to provide relief for would be retirees. The program would use federal prisoners with a release date within the next 2 years, to care for low-income seniors. The Biden administration is calling the program ‘Seniors on the Lam’. The program would see inmates dropped off each morning at the residence of their ‘Senior’ . They would be tasked with completing any request the ‘Senior’ asked of them.

The program is expected to be extremely popular with felons who have been incarcerated for crimes such as shoplifting, burglary, or assault. Proponents of the plan feel this would be a great opportunity for these felons to pay back their debt to society. They would be working with a population of people unable to retire because of the costs of living.

Critics of the program say the program will lead to a rise in crime rates and an increase in deaths among seniors. It is expected that many felons will take abuse the vulnerable population they will be caring for. A Republican Senator from Kentucky said “The felons are not required to have any form of training or certification, the program does not bar violent offenders, and the felons are being dropped off with no supervision. it’s insane that this idea would even be proposed.

The Biden administration has released this statement from the President “This is really just a simple supply and demand issue. We have a tremendous supply of inmates, and we have a demand for elderly people who need care and cannot afford it. It’s business 101 folks, this isn’t rocket science.” Congressman from Jackie Wentworth of Alabama slammed the president saying “It’s a simple supply and demand issue? How about a simple crime and punishment issue? The President is giving these felons the chance to walk out of prison and into the homes of our elderly. I’m not sure how this isn’t a crime itself.”

The program is expected to save the government billions of dollars, and is not expected to pass Congress. The President is currently reviewing alternative options which he may use to enact the ‘Senior’s on the Lam’ program.

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