Baby Momma and the Christmas Vacuum

Baby Momma with a Vacuum

A new study by the National Retailers Association found that baby mamas are not getting those boots they’ve pointed out for the past five years for Christmas this year.

The National Retailers Association’s study found that while baby mamas may have expressed interest in the same items for several years, baby daddies were likely to not purchase those items. Instead, the study showed that baby daddies were more likely to purchase household cleaning or cooking items. The study also found that the lack of financial support from baby daddies often limited the ability of baby mamas to buy things for themselves.

Brenda Allsop of Dayton, Ohio, said, “I’ve been asking for the same pair of shoes for the past two years, and last year I got a steam mop. Maybe this Christmas will be different.” The Seekonk Reporter Interviewed Brenda’s baby daddy Trent who said, “She’s gone be real happy this year. I got her that special vacuum with the steam in it. I’m gonna get lucky that night, yes sir!”

The study concluded that baby daddies are not likely to purchase items requested by baby mamas; the reason for this is a rare medical condition found only in baby daddies called “Selective Purchasing Syndrome.” This syndrome causes baby daddies to be unable to purchase items that the baby mama has requested and instead purchase items that the baby daddy believes will result in a more productive baby momma.

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