Amazon To Offer Ship To Landfill Shipping Method

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The announcement that three of the largest retailers will be competeing to fill the most landfills has prompted Amazon to enter the race. Amazon not only brings a large inventory of useless products to the table, they have decided to offer a new shipping service. The new service, called ship to landfill, will allow customers to order products online and have them shipped directly to the customer’s local landfill. The customer then will receive a video of an Amazon employee opening the product they purchased and discarding it into the trash.

A spokesman for Amazon stated, “We are excited to be entering the filling landfills business. The spokesman continued, “We believe that Amazon customers will love the new shipping service. They will be able to order a product and see it thrown away before they even receive it. We think that this will bring a whole new level of excitement to online shopping.” The spokesman went on, “Online shopping is great. But when you order something from Amazon and get your package from UPS, the useless product sits around until you’ve gotten sick of looking at it. Ultimately the customer is stick discarding it themselves. With our new shipping service, customers can seamlessly witness their item being opened and discarded and the product never has to enter their home.”

Amazon stated that customers can also have the video of the item being thrown in the trash sent to a friend or loved one as a gift. The option Send A Gift to the Landfill will not cost any extra and all you will need to do is enter the email of the recipient upon checkout.

Amazon is offering the service to all Prime members effective November 1st, 2022.

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