A Very Massachusetts Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Fued

A Seekonk, Ma couple was assaulted this afternoon in a Thanksgiving day celebration gone wrong. Tom and Kathy Lenore hosted the holiday dinner at their home this afternoon when the festivities took a turn. The scene unfolded around 1pm when Jim Franklin, Tom’s brother in law, made a comment about the lack of food the hosts had prepared. Jim then proceeded to punch Tom in the face due to the lack of food. Tom’s wife, Kathy, attempted to break up the fight and Jim then proceeded to punch Kathy in the face several times.

One of the guests at the dinner party attempted to call 911, but was unable to do so due to being too intoxicated. The man proceeded outside and attempted to drive away from the scene, but was unable due to being too intoxicated. The guest then got back into his car and drove through the Lenore residence and ran away from the scene. The man is still at large.

Jim’s brother, Jacob who was also upset with the lack of food, started a fire inside the living room of the residence. The fire then spread to the next room but was extinguished by Tom and Kathy. The fire caused $4,000 in damage to Lenore’s home.

Tom and Kathy were both transported to the hospital for their injuries. Tom sustained a broken nose and a concussion from being punched by Jim. Kathy sustained several broken bones in her face from being punched by Jim and also suffered burns from the fire. The Lenores’ cat was also hurt when it attempted to run away but was run over by Jacob’s car.

The police arrested Jim and Jacob on the scene for assault with a dangerous weapon, arson, animal cruelty, reckless endangerment, and destruction of property. While being escorted in cuffs from the gathering, Jim told the hosts to be better prepared next year.

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